Erin McGee Ferrell. American Artist


Artist Erin McGee Ferrell debuts solo show. Fryeburg Academy. Maine

Erin McGee Ferrell is inspired by architecture merging with landscape. Her work is located throughout the nation in hospitals, corporations and with private collectors . Figurative yet abstract, yet adhering to visual accuracy and measurement. Recently McGee Ferrell has explored mixed media with subjects focused on universal themes. New Series include: Petri Dish, Shifting Thresholds, Night Sails, and Good Dark: The Maine Potato.  Erin McGee Ferrell is an influential American Artist and important Contemporary Painter.

Portland Art Gallery, Maine

5 thoughts on “Erin McGee Ferrell. American Artist”

  1. Hello Erin

    I was so happy to meet you in Telluride on July 4! Your website is great. I am receiving your email newsletter, and would still love to meet with you the next time you are in the Phoenix area.

    God bless you! Rita

  2. You are a work-a-halic! Just cool it a bit and come here for a swim:~} You are EVERYWHERE!!! What about Circus Ma Gurkus! Why aren’t you with them on a trapeze flying around with a pad and paints capturing each fly-by?

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