Drawing Lessons Week 3. Adult and Youth. Contour Line

 Drawing Lessons week 3: Adult and Youth. Hands. If a person can accurately draw a hand then he or she can draw anything. This week the class started out looking at anatomy books depicting the muscular and bone structure of the hand, wrist, and forearm.  The class revisited the concept of complex subjects being tackled more easily by reducing the object into basic shapes; cones, spheres, cylinders, and rectangles. the  class then moved on to Blind contour and modified contour drawing using the hand as a subject.

Exercise 1: Using clear plastic gloves and sharpie markers break down the top and bottom of your hand into basic shapes.

Exercise 2: Using this knowledge, draw the best hand you know how on paper with pencil.

Exercise 3: Blind Contour Drawing

Exercise 4: Modified Contour Drawing

Cylinders. Drawing Lessons. Youth and Adult. Nov 13, 2013

This weeks drawing lesson focused on Cylinders. I stole my friend Maria Christoper’s idea of Marshmallows under a spot light. Last week the class explored Volume and value with charcoal. This week we translated volume and values specifically around the cylinder to a still life made up of household objects. Exercise 1: Create a value collage of torn paper looking at marshmallows. (Eating Rice Krispie Treats throughout) Exercise 2: Translate the visual warm-up to a still life of cylinders (Cans, candles, jars, lantern..) The medium used in this second exercise was black tempra wash and pencil.

The Artist Reference was Wayne Thiebaud. Thiebaud is known for his oil paintings of Cakes, marshmallows, ice cream cones… and geometric road/ highway-scapes.


Studying Victor Higgin’s Work

As I prepare for my drawing classes each week I am researching new artists’ work.  Victor Higgins is a wonderful oil painter who I have been looking at. His landscapes are unusual in the way he depicts foreground, middle ground, and background.