SailMaine Breakthrough painting. This is it! I LOVE THIS Painting!!!!!

Breakthrough Painting. SailMaine, Portland Maine Sailing School. The last painting of the week. Breakthrough work into exactly the direction I want! Out of 20 works I finally get to the ONE!


24 x 24 inches

Oil on Wood

Erin McGee Ferrell 2014

Painting from Parking Lot Rooftops. Portland, Maine

Works in progress June. Parking in Portland is very difficult for the plein air painter. Two hour limitations on spots mandate that one move one’ s vehicle often. Setting up an easel and canvas for 5 hours can be challenging in this Urban environment. Hence I have switched to Early Bird deals at parking garages. Here are examples of several works in progress.

Roof top Garage by the Nickelodeon

Erin McGee Ferrell

LIVE Painting Museum: Final Sitting. Hmong friend wearing traditional dress

Third and final sitting at the Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine. LIVE Painting, Kue John Lor, Hmong friend wearing traditional dress. Part three of this Blog Posting. Kue John Lor created the Hmong focused exhibit at the Museum and invited me into this interactive project. Kue and I spoke to museum visitors about art creation and the Hmong culture.

Completed Oil Painting:

Kue John Lor

24 x 36 inches

Oil on Canvas

Erin McGee Ferrell


LIVE Painting Video: Erin McGee Ferrell. Philadelphia/Maine

Thanks Jacob LaPlant for putting together this 7 minute video of LIVE Painting in Philly and creating the NJ hospital installation!

LIVE Painting: Italian Market Philadelphia/ Hospital Commission NJ
LIVE Painter

New Painting. Lega Mask, Congo. Oil on Hand Stretched Canvas 6 x 4 feet

Lega Mask, Congo. Lega Tribe Africa

Erin McGee Ferrell

Oil on Hand Stretched Canvas 4 x 6 feet


I just returned from Florida where my father gifted me with this beautiful mask. My father collects, catalogs, and researches African Art. Amid his collection I found this mast which spoke to me. The Lega Tribal Mask, with its huge eyes meets me in a time in my career and life where I seek to see the world with more possibility. The adage, “need is the mother of invention,” goes along with this thinking.

God, may my eyes be enlarged to see ahead and huge as I walk.