SailMaine Day 2. Pilings and Oil Tanker. Painting in process.

Day 2. SailMaine. Portland, Maine’s sail school. I am showing a work in process based on a large orange oil tanker anchored in the bay. I am not sure if this work will be completed because I am not satisfied with the canvas shape verses what I am trying to say with my composition.


Painting from Parking Lot Rooftops. Portland, Maine

Works in progress June. Parking in Portland is very difficult for the plein air painter. Two hour limitations on spots mandate that one move one’ s vehicle often. Setting up an easel and canvas for 5 hours can be challenging in this Urban environment. Hence I have switched to Early Bird deals at parking garages. Here are examples of several works in progress.

Roof top Garage by the Nickelodeon

Erin McGee Ferrell

Pilings in the Bay. 4 x 6 feet. Oil on Hand stretched Canvas. Erin McGee Ferrell

Erin McGee Ferrell
Erin McGee Ferrell

NEW Painting: Pilings on the Bay. 4 x 6 feet. Oil on Hand Stretched Canvas. 2014. Erin McGee Ferrell.

This painting was begun last summer in Plein Air by Sail Maine in Portland.  The under painting was inspired by the masts, riggings, and pilings on the Casco Bay. I revisited the work this past month. Using the patterns of some fabulous cloth from Z Fabrics. The pilings and water surrounding them have been a continuing theme in my Maine Paintings.

New Painting: Bird House and Hanging Laundry. Grandparents Farm, NC

Bird House and Hanging Laundry. Grandpa and Grandma McGee’s Farm in Fruitland, Hendersonville. North Carolina. I love the mix mashed dusty, sunshine warmth, Grandma’s fresh pressed grape juice, Banana Pudding, and Grandpa’s front porch rocker and swing. It has been fifteen years since their death. The happy place in my mind goes to being in their yard with chickens and Buster the dog, hanging laundry, birds, gardens, and cold home pressed apple cider in a metal cup.

Bird house and Hanging Laundry

30 x 40 x 1  1/2 inches

Oil on Wood.

Erin McGee Ferrell






Portrait in Progress. My Son. 4 x 6 Feet. Oil on Hand Stretched Canvas

My son, Angus MacLean Ferrell, is a senior in high school and on track to have a military career. I recognize that our time in the same house for extended time will soon become a rare event. This portrait of Angus depicts him in his military formals and shows small scenes from our life and memories.

My Son (in Progress)

4 x 6 feet

Oil on hand Stretched Canvas

Erin McGee Ferrell

Erin McGee Ferrell
4 x 6 feet