Poem: The Nap before Prom


The Nap before Prom

Both my high schoolers are attending Prom tomorrow night

The White tux with silver vest and tie has been picked up

the fushia strapless dress has been hemmed

The shoes and clutch are bought

the hair is planned

tomorrow morning the flowers are arranged into the expected gifts

Car loads of parents meet up to snap photos of the group

the limo arrives

Then the waiting begins

Prom night my husband and I sit up

putting toothpicks under our eye lids

scheduling one pickup at 1 am for the younger

actively texting the where abouts of the older

A tired Sunday for all in the house

Today warrents the Nap

(Erin McGee Ferrell April 26, 2013)

Poem: Only in Maine


Only in Maine

Only in Maine can I be nominated to be Board President after 5 months of living here

Yes I have the education and the creditials to hold the post

Yes I am the right person to do the job

but only in Maine would this have happened

The long winter has gone to be replaced by buds and sun

unfolding the tight wings

slowly…starting to see the fun in this

Only in Maine can these things happen

(ErinMcGeeFerrell April 25, 2013)

Poem: Waiting for Sixty-Degrees


Waiting For Sixty-Degrees

The sun shines bright in my studio

light giving hope as I sit in the cocoon

waiting for sixty- degrees in Maine

As soon as that thermostat rises the walls rip

out I burst into the city

New birth and new life

blue water, grey lingering, Northern light and ocean wind


(Erin McGee Ferrell April 22, 2013)

Poem: Yoga Pants


Yoga Pants

Portland, Maine airport 4:30 am

High school trip to Beijing

“Daughter, where is your passport?”

It is here, she motions, patting the waistband of her pocket-less yoga pants

Visions of airplane toilets with documents floating in blue liquid

China public restrooms with holes in floor to nowhere

Please child, take that small book holding your safety and return

and remove it from the elastic of those exercise leggings.

(Erin McGee Ferrell April 12, 2013)

POEM: Balance



Children off from school

Breakfast and bill pay

I pass the door to my studio and look in

as I balance being a mom and an artist

on the quiet days I paint

on the loud, crowded days I am a mom

always an artist

always Erin McGee

(Erin McGee Ferrell April 10, 2013)