SailMaine. Day 5. Sail School. 16 x 20 inches. Erin McGee Ferrell

Day 5. SailMaine. Sailing Lessons, Portland, Maine. My daughter Fiona is taking sailing lessons. All of the youth are out on the tiny Opti’s today. This Oil painting on Canvas is inspired by the gorgeous day, the energy of the camp, and the choas of the sails circling in small class formations in front of me.

Sail School

16 x 20 inches

Oil on Canvas

Erin McGee Ferrell 2014

Day 4. SailMaine. The evolution of a painting

Day 4. SailMaine Sail School. Portland, Maine. Another extremely windy day. Working on a small canvas seeking to depict a large oil tanker anchored in the Bay. My first attempt was on a large square canvas and the composition was not was I was seeking. This time my canvas is horizontally long and narrow. I want to capture how the oil tanker is basically on the horizon line and blends directly into the far tree line except for the brilliant orange color of the ship.

The first layer of this painting was simply an observational work..I added the next layer which became the image I wanted to speak about. The evolution of a painting from simply looking like the subject to becoming that which I want to say about the subject.

Erin McGee Ferrell

Oil Tanker

4 x 12 inches

Oil on Canvas. 2014

SailMaine Day 3. Lavender Boat. Cliff Kucine Photographer

Day 3 SailMaine. Portland. Cliff Kucine Photographer captured me painting a Lavender Boat with Francis, the art puppy, accompanying me.

The day was incredibly windy and warranted working small.

Lavender Sail Boat. 9 x 12 inches. Oil on canvas board.

Erin McGee Ferrell

SailMaine Pilings and Sail School. Oil Painting. 34 x 40 inches.

SailMaine. Portland, Maine’s sail school. Plein air painting at this location while my 12 year old daughter attends summer sailing lessons.

SailMaine. Pilings and Sail School

34 x 40 inches

Erin McGee Ferrell

Oil on hand Stretched Canvas


Painting from Parking Lot Rooftops. Portland, Maine

Works in progress June. Parking in Portland is very difficult for the plein air painter. Two hour limitations on spots mandate that one move one’ s vehicle often. Setting up an easel and canvas for 5 hours can be challenging in this Urban environment. Hence I have switched to Early Bird deals at parking garages. Here are examples of several works in progress.

Roof top Garage by the Nickelodeon

Erin McGee Ferrell