Victor Salvo Photographer. Outdoor Painting in March. Maine

Victor Salvo Photographer. Outdoor Painting in March. Maine

Victor Salvo Photographer. Outdoor Painting in March. Maine. Philadelphia/Maine Urban Architectural Artist, Erin McGee Ferrell.

“This week Victor Salvo contacted me to tell me he was back in Maine. We met last year as I was painting on Commercial Street and he took a series of fabulous photos including the one I use for my artist logo.

Victor being around challenged me to go outside to paint the first time this season. The high today was 48 degrees. I began the new FRANKLIN AVE Series. Thank you again Victor for taking such great photos!!! I owe you another book!” Erin McGee Ferrell

Photo by Victor Salvo

Victor Salvo

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I photograph: “Monthly landscapes, swirly vines, trash, other scapes, politics, work, fish, pretty things, Haiti” Victor Salvo

Victor Salvo Photographer. Outdoor Painting in March. Maine


March on Franklin Ave

24 x 30 inches

Oil on canvas


Painted en Plein Air on Franklin Ave, Portland, Maine

Erin McGee Ferrell

Erin McGee Ferrell Erin McGee Ferrell

Available through Portland Art Gallery Maine

Artist Statement 2015

Erin McGee Ferrell is inspired by architecture merging with landscape. The artist notices the spaces of sky and buildings between suspended electrical lines, seeking to paint the moments of sky that occur between the floors of a parking garage. Drawing is the foundation of her work as an artist. McGee Ferrell’s work may scream abstraction, but underneath adheres to visual accuracy and measurement. Addicted to adrenaline, the artist paints in highly public places where she is forced to paint fast and true. Recent work has focused on the merging of urban and coastal architectural structures in Philadelphia and Maine. McGee Ferrell is a natural entrepreneur who is determined to be an influential and important Contemporary American Artist.


Erin McGee Ferrell studied oil painting at Mount Holyoke College, Pennsylvania Academy of Art, University of the Arts Philadelphia, and The University of Louisville, KY. She has studied and created art in Italy and Nigeria. Collectors include TD Ameritrade, AtlantiCare New Jersey, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, INC. Philadelphia, The Episcopal Diocese of Boston, the CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and professional athlete Kimmo Timonen.