Wet Paint Auction- Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Portland Head Light

Cape Elizabeth Land Trust. Annual Paint for Preservation. Wet Paint Auction 2014. What an honor to be selected to be a participating artist! Thirty plein air painters out of at least 80 applicants received an invitation to participate. This is one of the few Plein air events that I have participated in that I can honestly say I was amid peers of similar work and experience. We began painting at 7:30 am and had until 3 pm to deliver a piece of art work inspired by the landscape of Cape Elizabeth and the Maine vistas. I chose to paint at Fort Williams. Throughout the day I created three oil paintings. Two were of the view from Fort Williams towards the opposite cliff which held an old war bunker embedded inside the rock. The third painting was of the old mansion looking up through rocks and birch toward its back side.

Of the three completed works, I submitted “Cliffs with bunker and flag. ” The large oil painting sold quickly at the auction and everyone is happy! The new collectors of this piece are Neil and Suzanne McGinn of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The other two oil paintings are for sale. Contact me if interested.

Erin McGee Ferrell


“Cliff with Bunker and Flag” Oil on Canvas. approx 48″ x 12″

“Cliff” Oil on Canvas. approx 11″ x 24 ”

“mansion through birch” approx 22″ x 30 ”

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